I have a Gaomon PD1560 screen, Photoshop CC, and the Lazy Nezumi plug in.

I have set my brush to have pen sensitivity turned on, and minimum width to zero in hopes of getting maximum variability. I want to be able to start at a thin line and work my way up to a thick link by pressing down on the brush. The amount of variance I want is represented in the image at the bottom brush settings dialogue:

enter image description here

But no matter how hard I try to recreate the varying thickness of that line, here's the best I can do:

enter image description here

The begining of the lines (on the left) start off immediately very round, close to 50% of the maximum thickness. I can get down to a sharper line only at the very end as I do a quick stroke and pull the pen away from the screen.

Supposedly this tablet has 8192 levels of pen pressure, but it feels like it has only 10% of that, and it's all at one end.

Is this just a limitation of the tablet? Is there anything I can do to get my pen strokes to start thin and get thicker with pressure?


This really boils down to 2 things...

1) The tablet settings


2) Practice to learn how to create the light pressure effectively when needed.

Often more pressure levels can be less dynamic due to the difficulty in creating subtle differences in your hand/fingers.

There's nothing you can really do with Photoshop to adjust.

I have no experience with that tablet model and therefore can't offer any explicit setting suggestions. I do, however, know on my Wacom tablets I need to configure the tablet to be closer to "firm" settings rather than the default.

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