I am new to sketch. I got handed a sketch document and trying to export icons included in the file.

This is what the folder looks like

enter image description here

You can see there are icons and Fills. On the sketch file it looks like any social media icon, but I cannot export them individually with the icon inside of the Fills (the fills are just a black cirlce).

Is there anyway I can combine the social media icons along w/ the Fills and export them together?

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You can try and export them as groups.

If you select the elements you want to export together by holding Shift while selecting them in the layer list, and group them with Ctrl/Cmd+G, you can make that group exportable.

Select the newly created group and click on the bottom right side button "Make Exportable +" (as an alternative you can click on "Layer" > "Make exportable" in the menu). After that, you can set the desired file type and export the group.


Group the fill and icon and then export them. Select the fill and icon by pressing down Shift and then press Cmd+G to group them. After you have grouped them, you should be able to export them as a whole.

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