Section heading example 1

Section heading example 2

I have a PDF of a report which uses the above styles for section headings. I want to replicate these in InDesign. I am not sure how the original one was created.

The starting point for me seems to be creating a gradient and then somehow apply it to paragraph rules. Following is the progress I have made.

Paragraph rules setting Progress till now

The issues are: a) intended style is not exactly copied b) I have used indentation in the rules, thus for a longer heading, the words and effect are overlapping.

Kindly suggest some ways to replicate this style. Thanks



Paragraph Style

There are two paragraph rules:

  • Above: the dark color and column width above
  • Below: white and text width enter image description here

At the end of the sentence there is an added character with a character style incorporated as a GREP style in the paragraph style.

  • GREP style: the example use this character "•"

grep style

Character Style

  • Strikethrough: with the stripes gradient, the same height as the paragraph rules

character style

  • Advanced Character Formats: widen the character horizontally so that the gradient occupies all the space between the end of the sentence and the background

enter image description here


gradient options




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    You sir, are a bona fide InDesign badarse! – GerardFalla Sep 27 '18 at 16:52

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