I'm not sure how to communicate this to the various font search engines online. I want something that is going to be extremely bold, like as bold as possible, so bold it almost spills out of the glyph. But extremely readable at a regular copy size (12pt Arial).

I've tried

  • bold
  • sans-serif
  • readable
  • poster
  • display

But I feel like I am missing something obvious to search for just from not having much industry knowledge

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Fat fonts, Wide fonts, Extended fonts, Expanded fonts


If you are looking for legibility at small size, Google "maximum x-height fonts".

Tusker Grotesk is one of the results, this capture is at 11pt according to myfonts.



Generally, weights thicker then 'bold' are either called 'extra bold', 'black' or 'heavy', so look up any family that would include these super bold weights. One that I have used extensively is Axiforma which includes these things.

enter image description here

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