I have a picture which I need to edit, but everything I tried didn't work.

My picture has different transparencies but everything is the same color. I just want to change the color but the transparency of the unique pixels should stay the same.

Here is the picture so you can better understand my problem. enter image description here

If you have a procedure that would solve my problem, please note that I am using gimp.

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    I thought about answering since you have that Adobe Photoshop tag but you did also say you're using Gimp... What a dilemma... I guess I'm not giving an answer. – Joonas Oct 8 '18 at 9:12

In Gimp:

  • Set the "alpha-lock" for the layer (the checkerboard icon the the Lock: line at the top of the Layers list; when this is set, the opacity of pixels cannot change).

enter image description here

  • bucket-fill with the new color.

enter image description here

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