Currently, I'm facing this kind of problem. When I tried to use the brush it keeps changing its attribute randomly. I've read some thread that says, I need to uncheck the New Art Basic Appearance located on Appearance panel. Already tried that but not working.

My preferred brush attribute is

enter image description here

But the attribute keeps changing after using the brush. enter image description here


I assume you want to draw freehand with the Brush, but want a "basic" setting. This is not possible, because that "basic" setting doesn't work with the Brush tool.

Use the Pencil tool instead if you want to draw freehand, with a "basic" stroke.

The interface is a bit confusing in regards to this, and Adobe probably needs to do some work to address the problem of "basic" still being a selectable option when using the Brush, despite the fact it won't work with the Brush tool. Of course, Illustrator is not user friendly (never has been in fact), but I suppose that's the cross we have to bear until Adobe improves it.

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