Is it possible to crop images similar to Danielillos solution for resizing to specific dimensions with the center of the source image as the anchor?

  • Image > Canvas Size with relative unchecked. – Joonas Oct 11 at 8:41
  • This was already unchecked while recording the action from the other solution/question but didn't work. Pictures were still saved with a fixed aspect ratio. – Peleke Oct 12 at 15:21
  • Does Canvas Size work outside of the Action? When relative is unchecked, PS changes the document dimensions to what ever you input. If relative is checked, it adds the input to the current dimensions. It could be that it wasn't recorded in the Action, but I sorta doubt it, because what ever you fed it wouldn't have made it exactly the same aspect ratio as before. – Joonas Oct 12 at 15:32

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