How can I create something like this, with the glass like material and the reflections?

enter image description here

I already created a low poly plane changed the vertices so it has the same shape, but I don't know how to create the material and the reflections that it looks like this.

The program I use is Maya and as a renderer I use Arnold.

Thanks for you help.

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    What have you tried? I think any of the metallic materials should work with little to no adjustments. – Joonas Oct 11 at 9:49
  • Looks to me like the original primitive wasn't a flat plane, but curved slightly on each end, then was low-poly greebled. Also looks like a carefully graded L-R lighting setup, quite possibly a graded HDRI being used for environment lighting - and I think @Joonas is correct, I don't even see any SSS or clearcoating / sustrating in the material - looks like a straight coloured relfection metallic. – GerardFalla Oct 11 at 15:31

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