simple as that, but i dont find any options!!!

I dont want to preserve image. i just want to remove handles from a node to get sharp corners with no curves.

Click+Ctrl creates handle on node, but there is no option to remove it (Ctrl+Z in that case works but not a real answer.)

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Select the node with the Edit Paths by Nodes Tool (F2).

Click on the Make Selected Nodes Corner button in the Tools Control Bar along the top. This will turn it into a corner node. Smooth nodes show as a square, corner nodes show as a diamond shape. Click on it again to remove the handles entirely.

enter image description here

Note: Ctrl+clicking on a node cycles through different nodes, including corner nodes, but will not remove handles.

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    i found out if i hold ctrl and click on each handle (no dragging), they get removed individually. Oct 16, 2018 at 19:56

Hold Ctrl while clicking on the handle (not the node) will remove the handle, creating a sharp corner.

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