I created an envelope in Illustrator and when I finished I switched the orientation from landscape to portrait. While the artboard does switch, the artwork remains landscape and I have to switch that by hand using the rotation tool.

Is there a way to switch the orientation of an artboard that includes the contents in the switch?

I've searched for an answer but haven't found anything yet.

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It's not possible to do automatically, you can use the Rotate tool and then rotate (or with the Selection tool).

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You can also use this nice script by Michael Prewitt on Github which does it for you (it rotates everything 90°)

// Rotate Artboard 90 degrees clockwise

// Install in /Applicatons/[Illustrator folder]/Presets/en_US/Scripts

// Rotate the artboard in 90 degree increments.

// https://forums.adobe.com/message/9074536#9074536

// Make sure we have an open document, or else open one
if( app.documents.length == 0 ) {
    fileToProcess = File.openDialog();

var doc = app.activeDocument;

var currentArtboard = doc.artboards.getActiveArtboardIndex();
var currentArtboardRect = doc.artboards[currentArtboard].artboardRect; // Rect, which is an array;
var currentLeft = currentArtboardRect[0];
var currentTop = currentArtboardRect[1];
var currentRight = currentArtboardRect[2];
var currentBottom = currentArtboardRect[3];
var currentWidth = Math.abs( currentRight - currentLeft );
var currentHeight = Math.abs( currentBottom - currentTop );

var centerX = currentLeft + (currentWidth/2);
var centerY = currentTop - (currentHeight/2); // Y axis is inverted

var newArtboardRect = [];
var newWidth = currentHeight;
var newHeight = currentWidth;

// Rotate the artboard 90 degrees

newArtboardRect[0] = centerX-(newWidth/2);
newArtboardRect[1] = centerY+(newHeight/2); // Y axis is inverted
newArtboardRect[2] = centerX+(newWidth/2);
newArtboardRect[3] = centerY-(newHeight/2); // Y axis is inverted

doc.artboards[currentArtboard].artboardRect = newArtboardRect;

// Set ruler origin to center, rotate everything around custom pivot, reset the ruler

var currentOrigin = [ newArtboardRect[0], newArtboardRect[1] ]; 

// currentArtboard.rulerOrigin = currentOrigin;
doc.rulerOrigin = currentOrigin;

// currentArtboard.rulerOrigin = [newWidth/2,newHeight/2];
doc.rulerOrigin = [newWidth/2,newHeight/2];

// alert("Rotation X Y coords are " + newWidth/2 + ", " + newHeight/2 + ".");

// Setting the rulerOrigin does NOT work

var pItems = doc.pageItems;  
for(var i = 0;i < pItems.length;i++){

doc.rulerOrigin = currentOrigin;

Note: The current release is extremely buggy. It works (sometimes!) for very simple graphics. However, there are two significant bugs: (1) It will sometimes scatter objects during the rotation of the artboard; this happens quite often with more complex artwork, and occasionally with artwork that seems simple. (2) It will sometimes rotate the artboard 180 degrees instead of 90.

enter image description here

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