I want to make a floor plan in Inkscape, but cannot see how to set up the units.

The measurements are in inches. However, if I set the display units to inches, then the page is only 8.5 x 11 inches wide. The house is hundreds of inches wide.

I need to work in inches to enter the floor plan, but I need the drawing to fit on a piece of paper. How do I set up the units to do that?

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    Typically one would work in scale rather than full size.
    – Scott
    Oct 23, 2018 at 7:57
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    Using Inkscape to something which needs CAD or special floorplan software. is a nightmare. Floorplan software has 2 bonuses: 3D visualization and furniture collection. 2D free CAD example: turbocad.com/content/doublecad-xt-v5 Free floorplan software is also available: icecreamapps.com/blog/best-free-floor-plan-creator-2018. Then there are plenty of low cost commercial packages. Cloud versions are easy to start, but beware: Many of them do not allow any imports and exports can be lores JPG only.
    – user82991
    Oct 23, 2018 at 11:00

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It looks to me as if you would like to change the page size.

To do this, go to File > Document properties, first tab. There, either select a size that matches your needs, or enter a custom size.

To work in a specific scale, there are a couple of tools available, e.g. the https://gitlab.com/Moini/inkscape-realscale-extension will allow you to resize your contents to a line of known length. It will also draw a scale indicator.

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