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I need to recreate this gradient, but I'm not very good with gradients. Any tips? Thanks!

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  • Make two rectangles: blue behind and the green in front
  • Select the green rectangle and fill it with a gradient form green to the same blue as the big rectangle, angle 60º
  • Apply a Feather effect to the green rectangle


  • Go to menu View > Show Gradient Annotator
  • Change the gradient to Radial

  • Select the Gradient Tool move the gradient center and adjust scaling the radius and diameter



Another option is to merely use a Gradient Mesh.

  • Draw a rectangle and fill it with the blue.
  • Grab the Gradient Mesh Tool and then click one of the corner anchors on the rectangle. This converts the rectangle to a Mesh object without adding any additional Mesh points.
  • Click again with the Gradient Mesh Tool where you want the green to be centered.
  • Then select the green color from swatches (Or adjust the color panel to apply the green.)

enter image description here

This method typically does a better job of color fades between colors and allows for the curved or arched open ended green toward the top right.

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