This is page 35 from the book Grid Systems: Principles of Organizing Type. In this page author give us an example of the brochure for Die Neue Typographie. I can't understand how this grid system comes out? They mentioned there are two same width column overlapped and they have created a narrower column, but I can't see how they overlap, the overlay didn't show it. the content at this page enter image description here

enter image description here

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Very roughly: it looks like there is a basic two column set up as indicated at the very bottom ("column width").

Then to set up the left column, the designer "stole" 1/3 of the right column, and of that one third, used 1/3 for the gutter. This left 2/3 of a column for the upper right, and the bottom right is the original column width.

The designer may have used a geometric series as an inspiration, or simply liked thirds. The scan is not perfect, nor squared off, so getting precise measurements is not possible without the original.

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