I imported a figure from PDF (generated from Latex) into Inkscape as SVG for final editing. It contains a raster image, which for some reason is completely blurred and I cannot figure out why. Any ideas?

Note that the format of the image was not maintained also (perhaps this helps). I made a separate question for that here: Cannot change aspect ratio of embedded raster image after PDF import

Here is the image: Blurred raster image after PDF import

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If that is a low resolution image, that might explain the blurring. Without seeing the SVG, I can't be 100% sure but you could try this:

  • Select the raster image
  • Press Shift+Ctrl+O to open the Object Properties panel.
  • In the Object Properties set the Image Rendering to 'optimizeSpeed'

Obviously the image will be blocky/pixelated, but that is because it is low resolution. Nothing you can really do about that except output a higher quality (larger) raster image.

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