I am trying to identify this logo of a blue stick-man, seen as a sticker on the guitar in the pictures below. It was put on the guitar by its teenage owner at some point during the 90's (but it's not the guitar brand logo, and he thinks it may have come with a pair of shoes he bought). The logo may be of a company or shop local to Guildford, Surrey, England, but that is not sure.

(The image at the bottom shows the original sticker, the others a copy on a new guitar.)

enter image description here

blue stick-man logo sticker

guitar with blue stick-man logo L

For background information, see this video.

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    My go-to tool is ImgOps, but it yielded no results for reverse image search. I would recommend also asking the Help Me Find Reddit, they find the most impossible stuff. Did you try to contact the authors of the video, maybe they would know? – PieBie Nov 8 '18 at 8:43
  • @PieBie Thanks for the suggestions. I'm trying to surprise the authors of the video by finding out the origins of the logo; afaik they have no idea either. – Your Uncle Bob Nov 8 '18 at 21:28

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