I'm having trouble with the type on a path tool. As soon as I click on a path, it places the text upside down. It was working fine earlier today though. How do I restore the normal behaviour?

What I've tried:

I'm new to Illustrator so may be missing something obvious. Please help!

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Answer: I had to rotate the actual grid I was trying to type on.

Turns out Illustrator may rotate the grid depending on how you create it. Since you're still looking at a grid, it's hard to tell it's orientation – hence the confusion.

For example, if you apply the grid tool exactly on the top left corner of the artboard (where it says intersect – which is what I did) hoping to have it aligned on the artboard perfectly, Illustrator will indeed put it right in the corner, but also rotate the grid 180°.

This is what it looks like.

grid placement

Not knowing about this "feature", I just dragged the grid down, but didn't realise it's actually rotated and not just misplaced.

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