I'm a Software Engineer willing to learn more about design stuff. I've been trying to create a logo for a project and I am stuck trying to use curved lines. When moving anchors points, I'm having trouble with positioning dX and dY because of my trackpad's lack of precision. Is there a way to manually set dX and dY position in Illustrator?

Picture Example: Can't set dY to 12px.

enter image description here

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Select the point and from the top options bar:

  • To set the position just type the x or y number
  • To move it insert + or - the distance to move behind the x or y number

enter image description here

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    Thank you very much. So, basically dX and dY actually means the shifting distance from the current X and Y to the new position. In my case, I found that on Illustrator at Transform Panel using default layout from 2017 version. Nov 18, 2018 at 20:38

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