They're made of such thin substrate now that I end up carrying the two guides inside the box that the guides arrive in, and it's bulky af. I only ever use the Solid Coated guide. Anyone have any solutions to prevent their guides getting bashed up in travel?

What I really want is a slim hard case type thing that I just slide one of the guides into and off we go. Is there such a thing around?


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My pantone books came in a nice, durable, zip case. But I purchased a collection, not merely a single book or two. I update the collection when needed rather than individual books.

Not this case specifically, but similar....

enter image description here

Mine is MUCH less "neon" just black and grey and zips open like a suitcase, revealing the entire inside, rather than only opening the top portion.

If I didn't have a case, I'd probably search Amazon (or The Container Store) for some rigid plastic containers that are solid colors and not transparent/translucent.

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I'm using simple hairband to fix the catalog and then just dropping it in the bag next to all the other stuff. If you also walk around with i1, you can carve hole in the i1 bag for coated and uncoated fans.

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