I have an airport map in SVG format that I need to update using a DWG file. Considering that the SVG map has been created using an older version of the DWG I am currently using, I assume that it should be possible to perfectly overlap this 2 files and just update the modified part.

My workflow so far was to load the SVG, file->place the DWG on top, and manually adjust the position of the DWG. It's a good match but not good enough. If get an overlap good enough in one area, then I will have a large offset in another.

I have a GIS background and I could do this alignment there, but I would have to reconstruct the whole SVG for just a couple of lines. In the GIS there is the notion of georeferencing, where one image/vector without coordinates, like my DWG here, can be "pulled" to an object that has coordinates, like my SVG map.
Could I do something similar in Illustrator, for example select 5-6 points on the DWG, like road intersection and snap them to road intersection from SVG and when doing this pulling all the DWG data in it's rightful place?


  • Why not do it in a CAD application? Those applications have way better tools for precise moving, snapping and scaling.
    – Joonas
    Nov 23, 2018 at 17:56

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I can't recall a method to do multipoint alignment right now but it seems simple:

  • With Smart Guides enabled (+U) drag a reference point (let's call it point A) in your DWG until it snaps to the correspondent point in the SVG;
  • Rotate and Scale the DWG using your reference A as the center and dragging a second point until it matches the underlying SVG

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