Referring to this thread: The logic of kerning classes, I considered various lookups of some fonts (Adobe Premiere, Minion, EBGaramond...) to understand better the way of build them and the relative subtables. Now, a lot of font has at least two subtables:

'kern' horizontal Kerning Lookup 0 per glyph data...

'kern' horizontal Kerning Lookup 0 per kerning class...

But in certain cases the first one contains only a few symbols, in other cases a lot of fonts glyphs. So, what is the exact role of the the subtable per glyph data? Is it better to have only a table per kerning class (for lettes glyphs), or is it reasonable to create a subtable for Uppercase-Uppercase, another one for Uppercase-lowercase and so on? Or is it the same?

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    – user41063
    Nov 26, 2018 at 22:35


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