I want to recreate this effect:


The gradient part at the very top of the mock-up has two line at the downside right-hand corner, with shadow over the gradient and fading inwards.

I want to recreate it with Adobe Illustrator only.

I found this on YouTube, but was not really able to achieve my goal.

Can you suggest the easiest way to achieve the effect above?

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This example is made in three steps:

Background shape

  • Fill color #5A00FF

Background shape

Top shapes (grouped)

This is a group of three shapes made from a duplicate of the background shape

  • Fill color #9057ED.

  • They all have an Inner Glow Effect: dark color, mode Multiply, Opacity: 35%, Blur: 25px.

  • The two top shapes are in Multiply mode at 40% opacity

  • Select the three shapes and group them



  • Create a Mask Shape a little bigger than the background shape with a radial gradient from white to black.
  • Use the Gradient Annotator to transform the gradient area


  • Select the group and the mask shape and align them
  • From the Transparency Panel -> click Make Mask -> uncheck Clip
  • This is the result:

Masked shape

  • Select this masked shape and the background shape and align them:


  • Edit the mask and modify the gradient to change the transparency

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