I am considering purchasing a Wide Format Printer, to regularly print out pieces of Artwork.

Initially, the Artwork will need to be printed as a standard Digital Print. As time goes by, I would then like to start printing out the Artwork as a series of Giclee Prints as well as the standard prints.

With this in mind, would it be okay to use the same printer for both Print variants or should I have 2 separate printers?

The reason for asking is that I would be looking to use Dye based inks for the standard Digital Prints with Pigment based inks for the Giclee Prints.

If it would be okay to use the same Printer, would there be any issues in interchanging between the differing inks. When I say interchanging, I specifically mean swapping around regularly on an as and when basis.

Furthermore, I would like to only use 4 of the available 12 colour cartridges for for the standard Digital Prints. Would this be possible on a Wide Format Printer or would all 12 be required for all Prints?

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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's not really a design question. It's a technical support question for a hardware device. I think this is a question for the manufacturer since it's possible that every printer may have different restrictions. – Scott Nov 28 '18 at 3:43

Obviously you have planned to shell out at least 1000% more money than an ordinary punter who brings his printer out of a general store or orders it from Amazon. I guess you are going to get a rolling mill sized machine which have the normal cmyk ink set, pigment rgb inks, lightened cmyks for wider color range and glossy papers and transparen coating ink to make the printed colors stable and optically more optimal.

I wouldn't leave any ink bottles out nor replace them with empty ones if that's not explicitly guided in the printer specs. If you leave some cartridges out of the machine or use empty dummies and that's not explicitly told to be allowed in the specs, you can meet the following:

  • the printer doesn't run at all
  • printing system gets damaged
  • you must lie to the machine which paper is used to avoid error messages and then intentionally misadjust image colors to compensate
  • limited color range
  • colors do not dry

Ask the seller and the technical support of the manufacturer. Do not believe YouTube nor other surely available hacks if you are not able to check their reliability.

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