Is there any comfortable (and accurate) way to convert multiple shapes represented by segments (but rather precisely closed) into shapes? I want to use files from a CAD system as Basis for a Design. This will include many shapes, so I want to avoid processing every single one by hand.

A workaround I know is Path>Combine -> Path>Object to Path (Path>Stroke to Path does exactly the same for me) -> Path>Break Apart, but this results in double paths and - more severe - there will be no path at the exact centerline of the original one.

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Yes, there is. Try https://github.com/fablabnbg/inkscape-chain-paths (follow the instructions, too).

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    Thank you so much, this does exactly what I was looking for (and actually could have put to use many times before).
    – Franz
    Commented Dec 2, 2018 at 18:38

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