I'm trying to create a new guide line in Photoshop CC (2017).

I've changed my 0,0 point in the file to be at the corner of a particular layer (so no longer at 0,0--or the upper left of the image).

When I click "new guide" and put in a value (like 3 in), the new guide will appear as if I had never moved the 0,0 point. It will show the guide if I kept the 0,0 point at the default upper left hand corner of the file.

I've never run into this problem before. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


I don't know if it is by design or an error. Photoshop CC2017/Mac here.

The New Guide menu item always uses the canvas or artboard boundaries as 0,0. The New Guide command does not, in any instance, care or read where the origin for guides may have been moved.

I don't think you are doing anything wrong.

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