How do I delete all the unnecessary white shapes, only keep the ones on the logo itself.

enter image description here

enter image description here


If your texture is all vectors and you literally mean you want to delete all extra points outside your logo object... I'm a fan of this method:

  1. Start with 2 groups. A group with the texture and a group with the logo object.
  2. Duplicate the part of the logo object you want to apply the texture to...
    • Duplicate: Cmd + CCmd + F
    • This duplicate will essentially become the cookie cutter
  3. Object > Expand Appearance (If applicable)
  4. Object > Expand
  5. Window > Pathfinder flyout menu Make compound shape
  6. Window > PathfinderExpand (Progress image).
    • The original logo object is somewhere below the two visible groups.
  7. With the texture below the cookie cutter, select both and then do Window > PathfinderCrop ...and you get this.

You're left with 2 groups. The original logo object and a texture that is cut to the shape of the logo object.

You may also need to do steps 3 and 4 on the texture as well... Like if the texture is made with a brush for instance.


Using a Clipping Mask;

Create a circle until your edges and make sure it's on top of all other objects.

Select all and Right click → Make Clipping Mask

I've explained how clipping masks work in this answer.

You can also read more about clipping masks at Adobe.

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