I've plotted some data (in R for those that are interested), and exported my plot to PDF to make some final edits to the figure. When I open the original exported PDF in adobe reader, the file displays properly enter image description here

However, when I open the PDF in illustrator the file looks like this enter image description here

I thought this was just a display problem, so made my edits etc. however when I export the final edited figure back to PDF it looks just like it did in illustrator.

enter image description here

I've had illustrator do something similar before

enter image description here

but when I exported that plot it comes out the correct way, which is why I thought it might just be a display problem

enter image description here

I really need the image to have the smooth interpolation between the colours as it was in the original exported PDF. How can I make illustrator keep this information?


  • I'm going to make a wild guess and say that Illustrator is making your art into many clipped rectangles, each one clipping a shape of color which is "<Non Native Art>". Is that what's happening? – Silly-V Dec 5 at 3:07

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