I have a grid and different colours and want to add a number into each cell

I have 24 colours:

  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Light Green
  4. Medium Green
  5. Green
  6. Dark Green
  7. Orange
  8. Dark Orange
  9. Red
  10. Dark Red
  11. Brown
  12. Light Brown
  13. Tan
  14. Cream
  15. Pink
  16. Magenta
  17. Violet
  18. Dark Violet
  19. Dark Blue
  20. Blue
  21. Aqua Blue
  22. Light Blue
  23. Gray
  24. Black

The grid cells are pretty small and need 14 pt numbers in them..

Appreciate any help or advice - there must be a better way than me spending 3 hours putting numbers into all these cells !

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  • I don't mind paying someone !! – Sam S Dec 6 at 9:02
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    Hi Sam, this is not a place for job offers, paid or otherwise. Take a tour and check How to Ask to learn how this site works. – Luciano Dec 6 at 9:34
  • Sam, for clarity here: There's a huge body of documentation on scripting in Illustrator, most of it free and public facing. Athough some of us here at GDSE are reasonably conversant with scripting in Illustrator, GDSE is primarily for issues of graphic design either at a design / conceptual level or at a stuck workflow level, where we expect question askers to show us what they've tried, where they're stuck etc... it's atypical for us to handle scripting queries at all, and when and where we do, successful questions meet the "I tried this, and got that - now what?" structure. – GerardFalla Dec 6 at 17:14
  • Thank you GeraldFalla .. Tried to get someone to make such a script on freelancer and other sites - its hard to find someone that can do it or even understand what i want ! – Sam S Dec 8 at 16:46