As you can see, the parts of skeleton after touching ground go crazy how i can solve this problem?

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  • Please edit your question to, at least, describe with words what is the problem and what are you trying to achieve. The link should be just a reference. Link-only questions might be closed. Check How to Ask on how to write a good question. – Luciano Dec 7 at 8:51
  • I see the video linked for reference, and I have to agree with @Luciano - please edit your question to include a simple but clear description of of the issue. If you want to clarify visually, post screengrabs of specific conditions, if that helps. Things I'd want to know to help tackle your question include: is that skeleton rigged with IK or FK? Do the dropped items and/or the static floor have damping applied, or bounce? Is your gravity set to close to real-world values? (9ft / sec ^2) What density have you given those bones? – GerardFalla 2 days ago

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