I've been searching online for the keyboard shortcut to select a table's bounding box (container, if you will) but have found nothing. With a text box, if you are editing text within the said text box you can hit the escape key to select it's bounding box. When editing text in a table cell, the escape key shortcut selects the cell. I'm looking for a shortcut to select the table bounding box so I don't have to use my mouse to change from the Type Tool to the Selection Tool when I'm working with a table.


Pres Esc to select the cell and then V to change the Text tool to the Selection tool.

Actually when you hit Esc while editing a text in a text frame, you are doing exactly the same, changing the Text tool to the Selection tool.

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    I feel a little stupid. I assumed it was selecting all the text in the cell so never tried to hit a key. It does indeed to the exact same thing. Thanks for your help! – Brad Dec 10 '18 at 17:33

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