I've created a logo design for an upcoming online clothing shopping startup called:


Background for the name:

bouu — as in "boutique" or "boo" is intended to be a cute play on words, and connected with their catchphrase "bouu - made for you". Among other offerings, the startup will provide free personal styling services and unique shopping benefits to each customers, associated with the "made for you" catchphrase. The company's core competitive set will be Amazon Fashion, Asos, Pretty Little Thing, and other large online retailers targeting the millennial, primarily female demographic.

Background for the design:

I wanted to incorporate a happy face within the logo, to connect the consumer with the personal aspect of the brand. I do need to refine the gradient color scheme throughout the logo for a more consistent appearance, but I'm not sure if the overall design is right for the brand as shared above.

Are there any other ways I can help this logo scream "shopping", "fun", "look at me" or improve the design, in general?

bouu logo options

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    Due to the low contrast, it reads as "bow" for me. Would a (much) starker contrast for the final 'u' be acceptable? Maybe even full black, & on top so it's not a 'j'? – usr2564301 Dec 15 '18 at 2:33
  • All I see is "Bow" if that's not the intention.. it needs a complete rework in some respect. – Scott Dec 15 '18 at 3:55
  • @Scott Thank you - it's amazing how staring at my work for hours can make me see the two 'u's separately, but to new eyes it looks completely different. I totally see the "w" interpretation now, and I really appreciate the input! – Alex A. Dec 15 '18 at 10:13
  • How welld oes your logo work in black and white? After all you need stuff like sipping pakages return slips etc and you dont want to be paying for 4 color for those. – joojaa Dec 15 '18 at 14:18


  • As they have described in the comments, the double u is confused with a w.
  • The emoji is noise, it's a fly, it's not integrated at all to the image in any of the four options and the freckles will disappear when reducing the image.
  • The multicolored change of the characters is so less contrasted that it's imperceptible, it makes it unnecessary. It's interpreted as a unit.
  • Seeing the logo before reading the question, my first impression with the typography and the use of color was a candy or a candy store

candy swarm

  • This last comment is something very personal. Twenty years ago, with the advance of digital printing and a greater percentage of the presence of logos on the screen, it made forget the limitation in the use of colors. There was an explosion of multicolored logos. Search on Google multicolor logo, multigradient logo, color transparency logo, color blend logo... Personally I think it gives an air of démodé (old fashioned). The big companies logos now avoid the multicolor mix and gradients betting on flat colors. If multicolored use is indispensable, I would try to find a more updated option, especially if it's a fashion company.


Possible solutions

  • Work in black and white to find the right shape. Sometimes color is a creative obstacle when developing a logo, and this is a clear example.
  • It is obvious that this double u needs a formal solution: separate them? there's some part of the character missing?


  • The characters must be united? If so, should they be united by their own structure or there's another option to try?


  • Can the emoji be integrated in the logo shape in some way instead of being an added patch?


  • Can the use of color improve the design instead of baulk it?


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I like the emoji with the freckles -- it's cuter and more unique than the laughing emoji, which is a standard in most texting systems. I don't like the black outline of the emoji in the first logo -- it doesn't blend in with the color scheme.

The main issue with the lettering is that I'm reading it as "bow." I think you could fix this with a choice of gradation that would make the two 'u's more distinct, but even so people may still read it as "bow" from afar, because that's the more natural interpretation of the letters. If you could find a way to make it gel, perhaps you could add a little peel at the top right of the first 'u'? One might say it would add connotations of 'shopping' and 'unwrapping.'

Also, I like the gradation on the emoji -- you could make it even starker to make the face look brighter.

To be clear, I have no expertise in graphic design; I'm just sharing my opinion.

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    This is really great feedback, thank you! I've started creating a mockup with the character peel and agreed, this helps differentiates the two "u"s. – Alex A. Dec 15 '18 at 10:11

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