I have a shirt imagine, that was originally rectangular, but is now deformed:

enter image description here

I want to make my selection " fille the rectangle ", i dont mean to just "zoom into it ", but more like transform it like a vector shape. It would also be convenient if i could vectorise my image in the first place in the process. Thanks for the help.

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To get your image back into a "rectangle" shape, you could use Lens Correction (**Filter → Lens Correction or Shift+Ctrl+R and play with the settings there

Go to Custom and use the Geometric Distortion, Perspective and Scale adjustments.

Then use the Clone Stamp Tool (S) to fill in your edges.

As far as turning your image into vector goes, you can't*.

If you have the image of the dog, you can just recreate the (very simple) design in Photoshop or Illustrator.

*You can try methods such as auto-trace (in Illustrator) but that won't produce the optimal results. The image you are working with is a raster image (the photo) of a raster image (the dog on the shirt) - which makes this very difficult to turn into vector.

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