Let's say I am designing two posters in InDesign. Both posters (the page size under File > Document Setup) are 36 inches wide, but they have different heights.

On one poster, I have a simple rectangle that is roughly 202p by 15p. It spans almost the whole 36 inch width of the page.

I copy and paste the rectangle from one file to another (also in InDesign). When I paste it, the height, color, and other attributes stay the same, but the width is reduced to 7p6!

Does anyone have any idea why copying and pasting a shape from one InDesign file to another would result in just the width being reduced so considerably? Thank you in advance.

Poster 1: 36in by 36in page size Poster 1: 36in by 36in page size

Poster 2: 36in wide by 72in high page size; zoomed in Poster 2: 36in by 72in page size

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