I've been working in Illustrator files left behind by the old designer. It looks like a lot of the text has been scaled, however Illustrator still shows this text as being the size it was before with width or height of the text was altered. I've added an example picture below. What I would like is to be able to see how much the text was scaled up/down. Is there any way to show how much the text was changed? Maybe percentage wise?

enter image description here

I understand that all of these are Myriad Pro, Bold, 12pt. But if I didn't have the original one (the top) I would not be able to figure out what it should look like normally without creating a new text box and typing the text in it myself. And because there's a lot of text in these files, I am looking for an easier way to handle these scaled text blocks.

  • When you scale text, the font-size is updated... unless you do something like Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform or by making it a symbol and scaling the symbol... in which case removing the effect or editing the symbol gets you the original size. — That said... Eye Dropper Tool can be used to quickly copy text style. – Joonas Dec 21 '18 at 9:41

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