Using Photoshop CC 2019 (20.0.1), I am attempting to export an artboard as a PNG image using the File > Export > Artboards to Files feature.

The source document contains overlapping artboards, with the problematic board in question (Zone A Map) set to a "Pass-through" blend mode and located on top of another (Overview). The bottom layer of the top artboard is a simple white fill with a "hue" blend mode, such that it greys out all of the contents of the underlying artboard.

No matter which export settings I use (transparency/ICC/interlacing/PNG-8/24), exporting to a PNG results in the areas covered by the white fill hue layer appearing noticeably yellow. The product can be seen in the image below, where the document in the foreground is a produced PNG and the background contains the source document. The effect is unmistakable when printed.

enter image description here

I thought perhaps this was the product of CC 2019's new compositing engine, however enabling the legacy compositing engine in Preferences > Performance still results in the yellow hue.

Hiding the white-fill hue layer results in a properly white PNG, though without the desired grey-out effect.

Any thoughts?

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