How to do this arc text in Photoshop? I've tried using arc. but it's a circular. I don't know how to do it in angle like in the picture


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Chances are that a vector-based application was used to create the artwork in your image. Photoshop can be used though. It all really depends upon desired final output. Photoshop doesn't output vector files. That may not be of any consequence for your use though.

In either Photoshop or a most other applications, you would need to create shapes from type (Type > Convert to Shape), then manually move paths and anchors using the Direct Selection Tool (White Arrow).

Very crude example animation....

enter image description here

There is no filter or effect which will add a hard angle to the bottom of text.


It's possible using a Shape Builder tool and Envelope Distort combination with the outlined text, a die cut shape and the character envelope shapes:

enter image description here

Shape Builder Tool + Alt between P, R, I, I, T, I and the Die Shape

Shape Builder Tool

Envelope Distort between M, V, E and the corresponding Envelope Shapes. Select the character and the shape and press Cmd + Alt + C Mac or Ctrl + Alt + C Win


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