Is it possible to create one separate, full-canvas-size .png for each of 100 or so vector shapes within a Sketch artboard?

I have an artboard that has about 100 vector shapes, and I'm hoping to animate the visibility of each of those shapes within After Effects. But I don't want to export all of the pieces from Sketch and then have to place them all in the right place manually once I get into AE. I would like to export each of the 100 shapes including the full canvas size (1280x810), not trimmed down to the size of the shape, and then just dump those all in AE and animate them appearing.

Is possible in Sketch? What about Illustrator?


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Not an ideal solution, but here are the steps I ended up taking (still interested in a better option if anyone knows one):

  1. Create 100 rectangles that are the full size of the canvas with a 1px border
  2. Select a single rectangle and single vector shape one-by-one
  3. Group
  4. Repeat 99 times
  5. Select all the groups, make exportable, export

That gave me what I need for After Effects. It's doing the trick, but not the most elegant solution (I think I need the 1px border stroke on the rectangle in order to preserve the canvas size; I don't want any .05% opacity settings to make my image cloudy).


One way of going down it would be the Sketch2AE plugin that is currently half-broken/half-working.

Might even be worth downloading an older version Sketch, and going from there. Just trying to help you avoid creating 100 rectangles 🙃

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