Normally people would want to make the gif background transparent.

But how to fill all the cavas background with the "grey-like color" background of the image and apply to all 90+ layers? I have downloaded and included the "interleave layers" but unable to make it work.

enter image description here

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The interleave-layers script requires that the stack of layers and the inserted layers all have the same size. So you need to:

  1. Use Image>Canvas size to enlarge the animation canvas to the final size, and select Resize layers>All layers. You can position your layers in the bigger canvas at that point (Center button, or drag them in the preview widget).
  2. Add a layer to the image (it will normally assume the size of the canvas), filled with the background color
  3. Make that layer invisible
  4. Use Image>Interleave layers>Interleave layers (sprite mode) with:

    • Layer: the background layer
    • Opacity: 100%
    • Mode: Normal
    • Merge: Yes

This creates a new image.

Note that if your layers have no alpha channel, and the background color in the toolbox swashes is already set to your grey-like color, then just the first step of all this (Image>Canvas size) will be necessary, since Gimp extends alpha-less layers with the background color.

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