has anyone used jscut.org to create Gcode from an SVG for a laser cut?

jscut.org closes off my paths where there should be a line, not a polygon, is this a fault of mine, illustrator, or jscut.org's svg interpreter?

A line is not supported by jscut.org

Thank you!

Closed circuit path

Update 10-1-2019

Here's the result + code, why is the path auto-closing?

<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" width="12.65" height="10.44" viewBox="0 0 12.65 10.44">
  <path d="M0,.5H9.83c2.32,0,2.32,1.74,2.32,1.74V8.6c0,1.15-1.63,1.34-1.63,1.34" style="fill: none;stroke: #000;stroke-miterlimit: 10"/>

enter image description here

  • Some code that is not the part with the problem will not help much. You could copy that line/shape in Illustrator and export just that as an SVG file
    – Luciano
    Jan 8, 2019 at 12:13
  • Putting only a random part of the code makes the problem worse instead of helping to find an answer. You should include the entire code.
    – user120647
    Jan 8, 2019 at 12:38
  • Is it closing every path, or just some of them?
    – 13ruce
    Jan 8, 2019 at 12:57
  • Updated, that's the issue, code posted. Does it to all paths seemingly, a number of which are lines so you don't notice the circuit, but presumably there's still a circuit (so it would double cut the single line, for example, or in the above case, it's going to cut from the end to the beginning to finish it..)
    – Mullazman
    Jan 10, 2019 at 13:04

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I found a solution.

JSCUT.org seems to behaviourally close open paths - it's not an SVG issue. I changed the path to an expanded object (Object -> Expand) in Illustrator with a stroke of 1pt and it makes a closed path in that same shape (a box around the line effectively doubling the path up)

It's not great for a laser to re-cut the path twice, so I'll need to experiment, but it's resolved the issue I've requested help for, thanks for prompting me to investigate further guys.


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