If you went to art/design school, were you taught design theory and if so can you leave a brief description of what you learned there? For those who are self-taught. Have you looked into design theory? What have you learn and where did you learn those from? Thank you in advance. Your replies and any references will be greatly appreciated.

For the requests of me being more specific. I was taught design theory in the two schools I attended to. The first one was the basics, design elements and design laws and also Gestalt Psychology. In the second school, I finished my degree I was only taught roughly one semester of design theory and color theory. That is what I want to know. I hope this makes it clear. If you can point to the curriculum you use I would be grateful.

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  • Tips and resources for beginning designers may be of use to you – Zach Saucier Jan 9 at 1:49
  • Thanks for the link. – Cnerd Jan 9 at 1:59
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    Asking for a "brief description" of what someone learned in a 2 or 4 year educational institution is just a tad broad. If it all could be boiled down to a single post on some web site... why would anyone attend any school? :) – Scott Jan 9 at 2:22
  • Add some years of self learning... Yeap, a bit board. – Rafael Jan 9 at 2:24
  • @Scott i dunno i could summarize in broad strokeswhat i learnt in my engineering masters in a stackexchange post if it wasn't offtopic. It could certainly fit here, would it impart the knowledge not really. – joojaa Jan 9 at 17:45

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