I can't draw a rectangular marquee. move an object, use a paint brush or free erase , etc. etc., etc. Anything that requires dragging will not work! Using a paint brush will just produce a dot when I hold down the mouse button- it will only click one dot. Please help! (Photoshop CC)

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    Well that sounds like a drag... You should probably post this in the Adobe forums or the feedback site – Joonas Jan 9 at 7:59
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    Hi. Welcome to GDSE. Unfortunately tech support questions are generally off-topic here, because they are especially difficult to answer without access to your computer system/hardware etc. Your best bet is probably to contact Adobe for customer support. – Billy Kerr Jan 9 at 9:39
  • @HMACKZZ in the Brushes palette there is a setting for Spacing. If the spacing is way too high, that would cause a similar effect. Bring the spacing down to 10 or 20, or something else. – John Canon Jan 11 at 5:28

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