Meaning if I were to provide coordinates and a colour for each individual pixel e.g.(7,12, #767963), specify a pixel size for the entire canvas, can I make a picture from it? Which program has this function? Whether to extract these details or reverse-engineer your own custom picture made from pixels?

  • Depends on your exact needs, but probably ImageMagickDrawing -- IM v6 Examples – Joonas Jan 9 at 11:19
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    I don't think you need any software, except perhaps a text editor. It's possible to code a bitmap image by hand. See this link – Billy Kerr Jan 9 at 15:39
  • The output of a scanner ( or even a fax machine) is a series of colour and brightness levels for every unit (pixel) on the page, following a pre-determined scan line pattern called a raster. – user130386 Jan 11 at 5:21

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