I have a mock-up of two boxes that I'm editing but unfortunately there is only one smart layer per box - meaning the design of both boxes ends up being the same. As I want to have two different boxes, I need to be able to edit the smart object layers of each box individually. Does someone know how I could do this?

Here a screenshot of the mock up, as you see on the right there are only 3 smart layers (left, front, top) which end up editing the design of the boxes to be exactly the same.

enter image description here


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Right-click/Control-click the Smart Object in the Layers Panel
and choose New Smart Object Via Copy from the Contextual Pop Up Menu.

enter image description here

This duplicates the smart object but breaks the link to the other smart object(s) - creating an unconnected smart object with the same contents.

Afterwards, edits to the new smart object will not be updated in the other smart object(s).

  • Click the Smart Layer with the right mouse button and choose Duplicate Layer → Destination → New document
  • In the new document change the Smart Layer Name and click it with the right mouse button and choose Duplicate Layer → Destination → the original document

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