I made quite some basic icons in Inkscape, but when displaying the SVGs in other tools (browser or basic Linux image viewer), The text parts are not displayed at all. How to get it to show up everywhere?


Aparently, the issue is that by selecting the text tool and then dragging a box instead of just clicking, one creates a free-flow text box instead of simple SVG text.

The solution is, to create a kind of exported copy of ones SVG, which has the free-flow converted to normal text, among maybe other things, while keeping the free-flow SVG as the original image, for future modifications in Inkscape. Instructions from an excerpt from Wikimedia Text and Inkscape:

  1. While your text object is selected, go to Text -> Convert to Text. This converts your free-flow text object into normal text-objects. If you don't do this, then commons may display only black boxes were the text is.

  2. File > Save As... - make sure you choose plain SVG from the drop-down list, not Inkscape SVG!


A little late to the party, but I found that if you Print to File File → Print → Print to File, it works fine. This was on an Ubuntu machine, but this prevented me having to turn the text into un-editable objects.


I had a similar problem, I'd inserted some text, ajusted the character width and spacing between the letters to my needs, but I found the O and U letters that were (for some reason) slightly taller than the rest, so I split the text, resized the O and U and saved my project. When I imported the project into Sign Cut, the whole text was missing. I cured it by going back into Inkscape, selecting each letter and using the 'Object to Path' option. Repeated this for each individual letter (it may work by selecting all at the same time but I didn't try that) and re-saved my project. Now in Sign Cut, all the letters appear correctly.

  • This also works, but then the text is converted to geometric objects, and can not be edited (or copied) as text anymore.
    – hoijui
    Jan 27 at 15:01

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