I'm trying to shrink a buddy's face using Photopea. The Image of the 2nd layer still keeps its selection frame around the layer so I can't merge the 2 layers together. Anyone know a way to get rid of this? I just wanna merge the 2 layers and use the spot healing tool.enter image description here


Never heard of "Photopea" -- but admittedly I may be out of touch.

In any event, in Photoshop you would deselect a selection in order to paint around it's edges. My guess would be to use the Select menu and "unselect" or "deselect".

  • It's not just an online cheapo generically photoshop-like app - it's an attempted low-rent direct knockoff - in the help section comments you can see the dev querying users who're asking for a given PS feature to be added to it to find out exactly where to put a given feature to keep it more like PS... sheesh. photopea.com/learn/creating-selections – GerardFalla Jan 16 at 21:35
  • 2
    Yeah, clearly it's a knock off.. I imagine Adobe will let it get to a certain point then BAM drop the hammer. – Scott Jan 16 at 22:33
  • 1
    Wow, alright... I definitely thought that was a typo or like autocorrect mistake. I remember looking at the screenshot yesterday and I didn't realize it wasn't Photoshop. – Joonas Jan 17 at 7:47

I can confirm that as @Scott has suggested, there is a menu item under Select for Deselect.

enter image description here

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