Hey guys (and to dribble experts),

I'm trying to create a prototype using iPhone X mockups. I'm following this simple tutorial to do this (basically my flow : 1) create screens in Figma 2) export to principle to add animations 3) export animations in video foramt to photoshop 4) add the video to iphone X mockup 5) save as a gif

This works all fine but since screen on Iphone X has round corner + front camera area, the end result is not as expected

enter image description here

I didn't have to worry about this in Figma when designing screens since I dont't have to do this 'manually'

enter image description here

Thanks !


You need to add mask to your app image.

To do this you need to create new layer (mask) above iPhone mockup and make path of screen profile, fill it with solid color.

Then move layer with your app above mask and in Layers panel right-click on it and select Create clipping mask.

Below ugly fast example.

enter image description here

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