the inkscape I configured it in this way

enter image description here

now I select the figure that I want to export

enter image description here

I use the filter to pixelate

enter image description here

and to export use this option

enter image description here

But there is a transparent outline ("in the image below is dark gray") that remains and my goal is that the figure occupies all the space

enter image description here Shared file

  • Can you share the SVG file? If not, check if there is a filter applied to the object, or if you have the wrong object selected during export.
    – Moini
    Jan 17, 2019 at 23:21
  • sorry, I just upload now you can download it and verify that it is wrong. I use version 92.3
    – royer
    Jan 18, 2019 at 0:18

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A possible solution would be the following:

  • create a rectangle of the dimension of the graph (64x64)
  • place in the middle of the graph. (rectangle selected)
  • Make the rectangle transparent (selected rectangle)

and finally, select the rectangle and export


The object has a filter applied to it (the pixelize filter). Filters have a 'filter region' that usually is a bit larger than the object they are applied to. This makes the objects look larger


  • remove the filter (Filters > Remove filters) and draw the image yourself
  • change the size of the filter area (Filters > Filter editor with object selected)
  • change the page size to the green square (without filter) and export the page area after reapplying the filter
  • opt to use the geometrical instead of the visual bounding box (Edit > Preferences > Tools: Geometrical bounding box) - this is probably the easiest method in your case. Remember to change the option back when exported objects are too small (i.e. their strokes or shadows are missing).

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