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i need automate the file puzzling for plotter, so im looking for a macros for Corel 16+, to get the puzzling done automatically and efficiently.

In the past i puzzled it manually and spent a lot of time.

a file for plotter

I tried PlotCalc for Corel, but it doesnt work in 16th version

Thanks PS if this topic is already asked, please, do not dislike my question)

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    @joojaa but that question about Illustrator, not Corel Draw macroses. I think this is must be a separate question according to stackoverflow policy, is it? – AlexNikonov Jan 19 at 22:58
  • Yes, it is a separate one. – Rafael Jan 20 at 3:15
  • @AlexNikonov yes but svgnest does not need corel or illustrator, its standalone and so far the only nesting app that is free, for obvious reasons – joojaa Jan 20 at 9:15
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    Oh and theres a desktop version of svgnest that is a bit faster – joojaa Jan 20 at 9:33
  • @joojaa yea, you're right, but Svgnest helps with svg or pdf, but i need to leave nested objects as they are (as corel objects with embedded elements inside) in spite of the fact that ecut paid soft. – AlexNikonov Jan 20 at 10:07

I found two tools for Corel

I tried both but my favorite is eCut, because it arranges my files in more frugel way about 10% less size comparing to PlotCalc. More over eCut support CorelDraw X3-X8, 2017, 2018

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