My master page has a stroke at the top which is supposed to be shared across all pages. The stroke has a style assigned defining its appearance.

master page top bar shared across all other pages

Lets say the idea is to have the stroke's colour change depending on the section you're in. It's pretty common in magazines where, say, movies section would be themed red, and sports would be in green.

Is there an easy way to override the colour only? I'd like to keep the stroke size, position, pattern etc. the same.

I know there are master page elements overrides, but I guess this is different since it involves a style override?


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As far as I'm aware, there are master page items and local page items. You can't mix the edit ability without breaking the master page overrides. I don't think there's any such thing as "adjust locally but retain master".

Just create a second master page for color variations.

You can apply a master page to another master, then override a single element on the new master.

  • Master A applied to Master B
  • override bar on Master B and change it's color
  • Apply Master B to new page

Everything but the overrides on Master B will stay the same as Master A.

So... if you edit something other than the bar on Master A, like the page number, that will be applied to Master B and subsequently any pages with Master A AND Master B applied to them.

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