I have a simple stroke that I want to translate and morph (it's a leg).

Here's the normal situation (onion skin activated) :

Normal situation

Here's a good behavior, of when I move the bottom anchor to the right (it works the same if I redraw a stroke of this shape from scratch):

enter image description here

But my problem is for when I move the bottom anchor to the left. I think there is a problem of clockwise vs counterclockwise rotation... But I can't find how to prevent this weird behavior:

enter image description here

How could I counter this, without doing the interpolation or tweening by hand?

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    Same issue here, it's just bizarre. Adobe needs to create a hirarchy of points 1,2,3 along the stroke - at the moment they are all points on a path are equal and you get some pretty weird and unwanted morphs. – Mr Flibble Jan 7 at 5:13

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