I have been to sites with font identifiers and font matcherators, but in vain. Can any of you help me about the name of this font? It is simple, I can draw that word, but I need more words for the project. It says "OPTIKA", if that's needed.

font needed

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One doesn't see in this exactly what and where you've tried - please review this canonical question which explains GDSE font-match question criteria:

What are the requirements for font identification questions?

but nonetheless...

Seems to me that both Churchward 69 and Moog are very similar (assuming a significant vertical scale compression having been applied to your sample) and the further differences I see in the lowercase t could well be vector editing differences of a bespoke logotype.

enter image description here https://www.whatfontis.com/FF_Moog.font?text=OPtIKA

enter image description here https://www.whatfontis.com/NFS_Churchward-69-Bold.font?text=OPtIKA

Hope this helps some.

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